Tag Clouds – A nice way to target your social media destination!

29 07 2008

Well hello… I thought I would expand a bit on the Tag Cloud idea. I see many corporate blogs that blog about the latest product, the latest conference they are attending, the latest group outing at the local bowling alley etc which is all nice and will certainly drive traffic to competitive products that have better SEO, to that conference or from the bowling fans… Not really the people you were expecting, are they? It’s time to bring discipline to your business blog and communication in general.

We’re here to drive traffic….drive traffic to YOUR site(s). We want customers and prospects that fit your target demographic and have the same behavior. They are the right customers with the same purchasing pattern. They will type the same keywords in google and they will pay attention to what their friends are saying about the latest wizz bang gadget or service.

Before we go further, I just want to reiterate why tag clouds are important. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization are driven by keywords and behaviors –the better you balance these, the better you will drive traffic to your blogsite. Now, you may ask: “Do search engines pay attention to the weight of each tag in a blogsite?” YES! They are increasingly starting to; for example SearchCloud.net just launched it’s new search engine. Techcrunch analysed it here (apparently, not so good yet).

So how do you get started?

Step 1: Analyze

I suggest that you start:

  • Analyzing the keywords your competition is using,
  • Analyzing the keywords used by top ranked sites in your segment on google or yahoo search and see why they are so highly ranked
  • Putting down your goals and how keywords match your business goal [NOT from your perspective but from YOUR CUSTOMER’S perspective]
  • Laying out your customer pain points e.g. stop my dog chewing the couch 🙂

Step 2: Design

Now that you have 20 keywords (or so = completely random number), you will have to weigh them proportionally.

Extanz Tag Cloud as of July 28th, 2008

Extanz Tag Cloud as of July 28th, 2008

Social Media 10%, facebook 5%, twitter 2%, flickr 2%, youtube 2%….. = 100%

Done? You’ve designed your tag cloud target…

See!  NOT rocket science. Not something that should become overcomplicated – we’re human around here. It’s social media marketing after all 🙂

Step 3: Implement

Blog every day 🙂 about what matters to your ideal customers and make sure your Blog Tag Clouds start looking like the one you just designed.

In other words, the tag cloud is your target – your entire social media program needs to link back to this tag cloud across the multiple platforms you’re using.

If you are looking for more information about SearchCloud.net – there’s youtube of course!

Cheers and good luck!


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CPA, CPC vs. Social Media Engagement – It’s like going to another country.

23 07 2008

Have you ever been to France? They speak French over there, they argue a lot and are extremely social around food – I know this because I actually lived there 25 years :). Well, engaging in Social Media is like visiting France’s back country where CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per action) are like visiting Paris. Which one is the authentic ‘France’?…We’re talking quality vs quantity when it comes down to social interaction. Am I being too abstract here? It’s like in hi-density marketing — you’re just trying to hit as many potential clients as you can (a bit like the ‘Metro’ / Underground in Paris) — you end up with a low return and you damage your reputation with everybody through spamming. Your message is not intended for them anyway. BUT WAIT! If their friend or acquaintance had sent the message to them, the return would be much greater! It’s common sense really. So are you ready for quality or are you satisfied with a 1% return on your banner ad campaign or your direct mail? That’s 99% wasted time and energy!

A couple of years ago, everyone was buzzing about social networks even though they were skeptical about how to use them. Now everyone is still buzzing about them but it’s a bit like a burning stove.

Here are 5 handy hints for engaging with social media:

– Set Your Objective: Design your TAG cloud before you start [or just redesign, it]. The TAG cloud is your objective – you can’t blog about everything and be relevant to everyone. Do your research, analyze the competition and most importantly, see how much the tag cloud (keywords) is being talked about in the blogosphere – Do you want to look like this?

– Generate Ideas: Medium size businesses rarely have the time or money to spend on lengthy articles that may (like never) be published in a magazine…nor do they have at least need an $8000 to $15,000 per month PR budget. Not to mention the fact that traditional media gives you a difficult to measure return. BUT HEY! YOU have customers – get them to engage with stories around your product, podcast using Pamela and Skype, get a passionate employee to create video interviews…This is social media, not ABCnews – Then put them on Youtube and start linking it your blogs 🙂

– Be Personable and Personal: What matters to you and them may often be more about you – people care about you online if you let them get closer andengage them on social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter and and so on.

– Do It the Real Way: Social media engagement is about real people – not cold banners and cold push marketing. It takes time, yes; Social Media is not a quick fix. It takes time like any good relationship, but then the rewards are long lasting and repeat business is the name of the game. It’s like going to France again – be real, try to engage – step out of Paris where everyone lives like a rabbit 🙂 Okay, Paris is beautiful, but you get my point.

– The Mirror Again – Bring your 500 customers onto current social networks – many are probably there already – Have you thought of creating your own network? Ning.com maybe what you need then!

– Blog, Blog, Blog: RSS Marketing is efficient only if it is regular, and you connect your media tools (Flickr.com, Youtube.com, Slideshare.com …), your networks (Linkedin, Facebook…), Microblog (twitter, pownce)…etc well.

Here’s to an engaging life together!