FiltrBox Kudos – Listening in on the Social Media Sphere

29 07 2008

Aren’t we getting closer to the Matrix every day :)?

I think so and in some very good ways.

Every day, I’m happier about my  FiltrBox… I have to say that those guys are onto something big. We and our clients benefit everyday from their ‘listening in’ on the social media sphere. It is like your corporate communication program finally found receives feedback from the work done by your PR firm…

Analyzing tab

Analyzing tab

For people like us [Extanz] – we need to have a simple place where we can add multiple email recipients to an account. We often have 3-4-5 people at a client who should receive those daily digests.

So, if you’ve been using “google alerts” – take a free account at, say hi to Ari and his team and start comparing your fresh serve of information daily.

You won’t believe what you can find out!



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