Where is our industry going? #SocialMedia

13 07 2010

When Michael Fruchter left for Pierson Grant in mid 09′, I thought “wow…. great opportunity good for him.” When a bit later late 09′, Wayne Sutton joined Twine Interactive (and may have left since), I started to think that things where changing and thought I’d better write a blog about this. I didn’t. Now Valeria Maltoni is moving to Powered and I’m thinking “geez, we’re morphing.” But into what? Remember the golden goose who laid the golden eggs? Are they migrating? Or is our industry slowly dying as companies ‘buy up’ the golden geese for the golden eggs?

In 3 years, our own practice Extanz, has evolved tremendously based on a core principle of the Higher Purpose (Got A Higher Purpose?, Trust 2.0 … Get Used To It, Twitter did it again, it’s about the people). Our industry has come to value ROI way more than it used to. At the heart of it, a culture of control has taken over. Companies had never encountered such a powerful force from such a small part of their customer base. They were used to sending one message, making one thing. Build it and of course, the people will come. But then the people started talking amongst themselves. Started dreaming, writing, building things themselves. They unleashed their own creativity and collectivity. Suddenly, we have a conversation being demanded. The market expect conversational brands. Agencies, once the meaning makers, now seek conversational expertise. They sense the talkative ones and just like the old days, the seek to control them. If you can just get hold of the speaker……then everyone will listen right?

Or will they?

And in the meantime, what of their conversational partners. What of the nature of conversation? What of the higher purpose of social media? Are we just media now?

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Twitter did it again, it’s about the people

16 01 2009


Yesterday was again a day for the people, powered by twitter – Ok they are now looking at making money (and should), I just hope they’ll stay true to the people… actually if they don’t, the conversational bees (us) will swarm to the next thing.

Back to the airplane, @jkrums  was on the ferry crossing the Hudson River when the US Airways plane crashed.  He simply took a picture and published it via twitter (twitpic). This picture has now gone around the world and was viewed 250,000 time (here) at time of blogging.  Everyone was safe which is just amazing… 

Two weeks ago, another airplane caught on fire at DIA Denver airport, same story – Way before anyone had time to know, Twitter was at work again. The minute a passenger was able to twitt about it, we all knew about it and 2 hours before any one else. You can still follow what’s going by just clicking here  .  The thread is now informing you about any later events.

Last week for example,  a fire broke out in Boulder (middle of winter),11,000 people were evacuated – guess who was first with the news? Twitter of course. 

This happens every day and every where, the scale just varies.  If it is newsworthy, people talk to each other and spread the word…

What does it mean now for your business? Entering twitter or the social media space has to be about the people. It’s not about you and how cool you are. It’s about your HIGHER PURPOSE as an entity or a brand. No, you won’t have such worthy news up your sleeve every day but every one of your constituents has a worthy life. Engaging them is a good first step.  By empowering your constituents, you will bring the higher purpose home. If I write this blog, I empower you to understand why social media is the right avenue for modern communication.  

Did I sell you anything? Nope.  Did I inform you? I hope.

One more thing I suggest: put the ‘newspaper’ inside your brand. Noone can stop you talking about the industry as a whole… and the people who buy from that industry. Magazines do it, why can’t you? Blogging, Twittering, Vlogging, Podcasting… all at our finger tips… and way, way, cheaper than putting a $60,000 ad in Outside Mag whose sighting is very hard to even track 😦

You can improve it if you can measure it! 



& thanks spunkinatoror  and KLuwak for the the great pictures