Our larger team of account, new media and creative staff brings a diverse set of industrial and cultural experiences to Extanz clients and partners, running a perpetual new media laboratory to discover the very best way to serve your needs. We stay on top of the latest tools to bring the best in technology and practices to our clients, customizing programs and our team to consistently augment your digital constituencies.

Extanz is lead by:

Yann Ropars –  yann [at] extanz.com–  Phone: (970) 414-0003

Principal, Yann has 15 years of experience in marketing, business development and sales. After working on 3 continents in the corporate environment, Yann has concentrated his efforts in the web entrepreneurial space where he has learned first hand about setting things up from scratch! He jumped into the social media environment with the Enthusiast Group in 2006. Seeing the new media lanscape changing rapidly, he has pioneered a new kind of practice in 2007 under the Extanz umbrella. Yann holds an MBA from Universiteit Hasselt (Belgium) in conjunction with the University of Colorado at Denver. He is the author of “Using PR 2.0 to Increase Your Brand’s Competitive Edge”, a chapter in the newly released BMA Colorado book, Advice from the Top – the Expert Guide to B2B Marketing.

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What is Extanz and what does our name mean?:

The name Extanz (a phonetic version of the word ‘exstans’) comes from the latin ‘exstare’ (its present participle to be precise and test your knowledge of English grammar) and means to ‘stand out’ or ‘project’. And that is what we do. We help you use new media to enable your organization to stand out for and from others. Social media is a way of projecting who you are and what you do, enabling a third space for all those connected to you.

Where is Extanz?:

Right here. Where you are. Or where you want/need to be. For those of us who still feel the need for a ‘carbon’ place of being, Extanz is based on the beautiful Colorado front range.

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