Refresh: Top 50 Most Influential Cycling Bloggers: Celebrating the ‘Cycle Chic’ Movement

26 08 2011

Eurobike and Interbike are fast approaching, making the cycling industry just about insane. We’re also lucky to have the USA Pro Challenge hurling through the Colorado Rockies this week. I will have the pleasure of attending Interbike again this year and hope to meet as many folks as possible. Drop me a line if you want to meet up for coffee: yann [at] I’ll also be DSLR cruising as usual!

Back in May 2010, I published the first list of Top 50 influencers in the blogosphere. With Interbike so close, it felt appropriate to refresh this list, which has grown considerably. Like last time, this partial list only looks at blogger influence and not twitter, Facebook or soon Google+ influences. I still updated the table to make it easy if you want to follow these awesome bloggers on Twitter or Facebook though. Disclaimer: This is a list and like any list, it misses things (e.g. who is influential by topics, bike types, brands, where is the buzz and plenty more…). It may also not reflect the amount of traffic each blog gets. It does represent inlinks between the thousand or so blogs in the cycling community however, so while VeloNews (arguably a blog) might have very high traffic (blog/mag) for example, it is not getting referrals like CycleChic.
You can follow each blogger’s tweets at yannr/cycling. I also have producing a Daily Paper, to which you can read and subscribe here: – You’ll get the best of what they share on twitter. As usual, feedback is welcome – remember that we do study many other industries. Cycling is a passion of mine and it’s a nice show case of our understanding of new media influence. Please schedule coffee with me at Interbike if you want to know more, email: yann [at]

Hard working bloggers can represent the biking culture in so many more ways than traditional media. Read their blogs, and think about bike products from their sponsors. There have been large movements in the Top 50 — up and down, with bloggers coming into the list and some disappearing. Here are my main take aways:

  • Watch the Cycle Chic Movement: Denmark Cycling Chic (TM) Copenhagen (9th in 2010) dethroned Bike Snob NYC this year, and there’s a very good reason. At least 11 of the Top 50 cycling bloggers here are women. Cycling Chic Copenhagen has started a global movement — we can see many links pointing to Mikael’s blog (not ‘her’ indeed). This sub-community is rocking the blogosphere, or shall say women are rocking it! Women bloggers are a definite force to be reckoned with in the cycling world. In any community, sub-communities have stronger ties. They read each other more closely and influence each other. They also link to each other more which shows in this list. Next year, I may have to separate them from the larger pool to be fair to the rest. If a blogger dropped from last year’s list, it doesn’t mean they are less influential however. The Cycling Chics are just getting stronger. More women in cycling is good IMHO 🙂
  • Twitter and Facebook use: Looking at the numbers, Twitter is the definite place for people to connect with the Top 50 bloggers (over Facebook) beside their blog. 18 months ago, only 10% were on Facebook. It’s the reverse today as a large majority (66%) are using this medium to keep in touch with their community. Still a good 1/3 do not have either a Facebook page or a Twitter page, depending on preference. I assume the main reasons are either it is to time consuming (Facebook especially) or too brief (Twitter) and lacks conversational meaning. It’s also interesting that a good 44% have not shifted to ‘vanity URL‘ on Facebook. Get on it people!
  • Influence through Twitter and Facebook: As we can see with the both the numbers of followers or fans, we could have re-ranked everything accordingly. There is not a strong correlation between bloggers’ influence and social network influence even though some clearly use it well to spread the word and engage i.e. Cycle Chic Copenhagen on Facebook or Bike Snob NYC on Twitter.
  • Other interesting tidbits: Some blogs have had an impressive progression like Let’s go ride a bike by going from 29th to 4th place or Lovely Biycle going from 38th to 6th. On the brand side, Surly is doing it right… by breaking the Top 50 while no other brand blog is even close (we’d be happy to advise :))
That’s all folks. I’m anxious to see your feedback and any data I may have missed. It’s fascinating how much it has evolved in 18 months and how much all blogs focus on cultures and micro-cultures, beyond the bikes themselves. It’s not about the bike, right?
and now drum roll please…. The rank is based on blogs influence, not twitter or facebook follow. It still makes for a interesting comparison.

Blog Twittter follow Facebook fans
1 Cycle Chic™ –  Copenhagen. 4,300 10,565
2 Bike Snob NYC 21,691  ?
3 5,235 1,096
4 Let’s Go Ride a Bike 2,500 297
5 EcoVelo 1,745 2,377
6 Lovely Bicycle! 731 ?
7 Amsterdamize 3,497 191
8 Bikes and The City 289 1,159
9 Fat Cyclist 14,361 ?
10 League of American Bicyclists 5,885 3,368
11 8,955 ?
12 Cyclelicious 5,011 877
13 A view from the cycle path ? ?
14 Urban Velo 3,434 3,685
15 Kent’s Bike Blog 1,094 ?
16 Bicycle Comics 2,783 1,077
17 RidingPretty-Bicycle Chic California 451 309
18 Chic Cyclists ? ?
19 Surly Bikes 3,130 1,598
20 Jill Outside 494 405
21 Los Angeles Cycle Chic 530 149
22 Change Your Life. Ride A Bike! ? 318
23 Commute by Bike 400 846
24 Sac Cycle Chic 1,341 613
25 Bike Hugger 8,716 2,922
26 vélocouture 77 82
27 Streetsblog New York City 3,174 1,580
28 i b i k e l o n d o n 2,065 ?
29 Bike Commuters 72 724
30 VeloNews 41,000 13,875
31 The Path Less Pedaled 193 3,920
32 Bike By The Sea Blog ? ?
33 Portlandize ? ?
34 Hungarian Cycle Chic 80 6,396
35 All Hail the Black Market 1,952 1,499
36 Cycle Chic Belgium ? 1,397
37 Cycle Chic Sundays! 120 541
38 Vélo Vogue 1,006 342
39 Sheffield Cycle Chic 267 56
40 London Cycle Chic 1,842 1,413
41 She Rides a Bike ? ?
42 Sydney Cycle Chic 951 550
43 Toronto Cycle Style 416 981 67
44 Clever Cycles 1,712 1,247
45 270 ?
46 MnBicycleCommuter ? ?
47 London Cyclist Blog 6,822 729
48 Vancouver Cycle Chic 433 359
49 Lublin Cycle Chic ? 76
50 London Cycle Chic ? ?

Ride on and see you in Vegas,

+YannR @YannR

Yann Ropars



72 responses

26 08 2011

Glad for the list. Even among the top 50, there are names I was not aware of. I’m adding “A view from the cycle path” to my reading list.

26 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Just added your blog to our master list Sam. Thanks for the comment. Love the bass banjo 🙂

30 08 2011

Is there a link to the master list somewhere? Would like to see everyone who is out there!

26 08 2011

see my blog

26 08 2011
Yann Ropars

added to the master list, thanks domotion!

26 08 2011
Recumbent Journal

It’s always amazing to see how well Alan Barnard and EcoVelo do in these lists. Kudos to him for maintaining such a strong community of readers and pumping out photo after fantastic photo.

26 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Yes and you may have put your finger on the exact recipe of success for bike blogs: community based content and fantastic photos. Food bloggers excel at this as well.

26 08 2011
Yann Ropars

RecumbentJournal is now part of our master list. Thanks Travis.

26 08 2011

you missed one.

26 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Hey Judi, looks like you have slipped off the Top 50 since last year but not far…

27 08 2011
Jill Homer (@AlaskaJill)

Cool, thanks for including my blog (Jill Outside) in your list. I just wanted to report that I do have a Twitter account with 494 followers at @AlaskaJill.

27 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Thanks Jill! I was struggling to track you down with the different names… I’ll update the list now. Keep on your amazing adventures!

27 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Actually have you considered moving to only one brand? i know i make take you a bit of time to rebuilt but may serve you better in the future … you have technically four brands: articglass + Jill Homer + AlaskaJill + Jill Outside…. Be Jill Homer everywhere would be my recomendation. For you blog, just buy and remap it to your blogspot. Change everywhere else and ask people to follow at the new place/page 🙂 It’s ok to have one fan page for the book and one fan page for yourself… you’ll probably write more books too… so your ‘master brand’ is you 🙂
Thanks Jill.

27 08 2011
Jill Homer (@AlaskaJill)

Thanks for the advice, Yann. It’s true I have a scattershot Web presence. I never set out with a “brand” in mind. 🙂 But your advice is good! I will see what I can do.

27 08 2011
27 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Wow you. I just build, ready and interpret data and ride bikes. You’re awesome Lovely Bicycle! We had 3 of your recommended bike blogs in our larger db, except Ribeblog which is now added. Thank you. You’re a true Euro-America experiential place, no wonder reader enjoy you blog. I love your FAQs you heart speak every instant of it. can be a full URL btw…with no need for redirect to Look for the settings and you should able to have your own full site and domain together. I know it’s time consuming but you have something unique and genuine. Cycle Chic has 10k followers on Facebook and it might be a place to expand… her brand is an interesting place… relfecting your own purpose and brand with CChic light in it may inspire you. Keep on the amazing passion. It’s working.

29 08 2011
Lovely Bicycle!

Just a note that Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize are not women’s blogs (you mention in the article that they are, and also refer to the author in your comment above as “she.” The author is Mikael Colleville-Andersen and he is male. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

30 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Yes, my bad. I corrected it. Thank you.

27 08 2011
Kristin Tieche (Velo Vogue

Thanks for including my blog in your top 50 list! Ride on!

27 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Thank you Kristin for the inspiring work!

27 08 2011
nona varnado (@nonavarnado) is a collaborative women’s cycling site. I edit and promote it via my twitter account with 424 followers. We’ve got a range of contributors from cycle chic sites and other bloggers to advocates and manufacturers. Launched May 2011

I’m surprised BikeBlogNYC – Mike Green’s excellent blog didn’t make the list. He’s just released a published book based off the blog: He’s been at it since 2005 or 2006

27 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Thanks Nona, I added one to the master list. BikeBlogNYC was in the top 50 last year and is in the master list. Maybe Mike has blogged less this year since he published his book?

27 08 2011
Joel Gwadz (@gwadzilla)

not sure how influential it is
not sure how influential any of these blogs are


my blog kicks ass… I did not check your list
did a search
did not expect to see my page
but thought it deserves to be there

as my blog may have been influential
maybe in getting others to blog

27 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Hi Joel, influential can be subjective as you point out. We measure links from other cycling blogs to yours and vice versa. Your blog definitely ‘kicks ass’ and you were in the Top 50 last year. – Maybe a inspirational list is necessary yes… I wonder how would we measure that 🙂 Other stats you have i.e. traffic may confirm you there. Keep on the good work!

27 08 2011

Wow, thanks for including me, I would never expect to end up on a list like this, with these people!

27 08 2011
Tucson Velo

Cool list. It is always amazing to see how many bicycle bloggers are out there doing great work.

I’ve been doing my news blog for the last year and a half and I like to think its made a difference for cyclists in Tucson.

Congrats to everyone on the list. Well deserved.

27 08 2011

I’d like to thank Veloria for recommending me! Rideblog is a pleasure to write. I’m glad folks are enjoying it.

27 08 2011
TravellingTwo (@travellingtwo)

Nice list, and lots to discover. Don’t forget our bike touring blog;

Cheers, Friedel

27 08 2011
Susan Tomlinson

Hi Yann–Thanks for the list. There are some there I was not aware of. Please add my blog to your master list.

27 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Thank you Susan! We have you there.

27 08 2011
Top 50 Bike Blogs | Bike Fixin's

[…]… Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This entry was posted in Links. Bookmark the permalink. ← 80′s Bianchi Brava Project Update […]

27 08 2011

Do we qualify for the master list with 1300+ Twitter followers and 800+ FB fans?


Thanks for the list!

27 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Hi Sean, is definitely in our master list since it’s a bike blog 🙂 The store site is not considered a blog per say. An advice would be to integrate your blog into your store site via a subdomain e.g. – If you can’t redesign your site to put your blog inside, you can still get the subdomain to be mapped under you blogspot blog. Hope it helps. Thank you.

27 08 2011

LA Cycle chic is not the most influential or widely read blog in LA. BikinginLA is the go to blog for most Angelenos. I’m surprised that it’s not there instead of LA Cycle chic. His is updated regularly with events plus he covers every cycling death in Southern California. He rallies the troops to the courthouse involving any trial about a maimed or killed cyclist. and advocates for Southern California cyclists. The local media quotes or refers to his blog on a regular basis. I don’t know what type of statistics you’re using, but I think you’re wrong on this call.

27 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Thanks for the feedback Ness – Ted’s blog is actually very close to the to 50 according to our measurement. You’re exactly pointing to what I referred into my blog. The inlinks between some of the Cycle Chic blogs is making this to happen. It’s no easy task to keep all fair 🙂 My task in the future as I wrote will be to take this into account so that their linkage doesn’t twist slightly the ranking. Rest assured that Ted’s blog (akak BikininLA) is very well ranked in our master list. Thanks again for your feedback.

28 08 2011


Thanks for the explanation of ranking. I too was wondering how LA Cycle Chic, a blog that has been mostly dormant in the last year (just 18 posts in 2011) was on a list that did not include BikingInLa.

Ness is absolutely right about BikingInLa.

27 08 2011
Who Would’ve Thought? | Portlandize

[…] just found out last night that Portlandize was ranked in the Top 50 Most Influential Bicycle Blogs of 2011, at number 33. That was both surprising to me, and humbling. I really honestly write Portlandize […]

28 08 2011
Blah Blah Freddie » 50.tOp.BIcYCLe.bLOg>

[…] Visit to review their 50 […]

28 08 2011

Apologies for the self-serving comment, but where is Velorution, the oldest cycle chic blog of them all?

29 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Thanks Andrea, yes we have your blog in our master list. Keep on blogging!

28 08 2011
João Guilherme Lacerda

Two suggestions from Brazil: and Quite influential around here! 😉

29 08 2011

I’m surprised is not on the list.

If you have room for my blog, that would be great:

29 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Hi jnyyz, yes the Urban Country is in our master list. I added yours in it as well. Thanks!

29 08 2011
Bristol traffic

the concept of measuring popularity by the number of inbound links is essentially google’s pagerank algorithm. And, like pagerank, vulnerable to corruption by cross-referencing spam pages that form what are known as “cliques” in the graph; “maximal cliques” if they all cross link. The prevalence of cyclechic pages shows that there is a set of cycle chic web sites that link to each other. It is no metric of influence, which could be better assessed by the number of inbound links from outside, or traffic.

As an example, Crap Walking and Cycling in Waltham Forest is britain’s best commentary on UK cycling conditions, yet it doesn’t get any coverage here due to it’s lack of upbeat “Joy!” theme.

29 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Yep Bristol, you’re right. I did highlight this in the blog as well. This did not appear to be an issue last year but has twisted the ranking slightly because of the interconnectedness of the Cycle Chic blogs. I will address this in future blogs. This is one view of influence. Maybe the movement or trend is actually what you call “upbeat joy theme”. There are many many segments and many different type of expertise like in any industries. We can explore this more with those interested parties. Thanks again!

29 08 2011
Bristol traffic

well, you could actually use google to measure site popularity itself, just install the google toolbar on one of your browsers and it will give you a rating of a site. Checking on the waltham forest site, it scores 5:

29 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Not using it for this study is the whole point. We’re looking at influence from the inside of the community.

29 08 2011
Mike Gordon

Hi. Mark W./ @bicycledutch is a writer for A View from the cycle path. I don’t think David Hembrow, the main writer, does. @bicycledutch has 128 followers at the moment. There appears to be no Facebook presence.



29 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Thanks for pointing this out Mike. It makes it tricky if they don’t have social networks names that match their blog. I guess it’s a good feedback for them.

30 08 2011
Mark W.

Well you know how it goes… I had the twitter account before I started writing for the blog so it was under a different name. I do now use it to draw attention to both our blog posts. David has his own Facebook page under his own name which can also be seen as an addition to the blog.!/david.hembrow
And thanks for putting us on 13, from 28 last year!

29 08 2011
Catherine Turner


We launched our UK-based blog in March 2011, and are steadily gaining a good blog, fb and twitter following too. Love to be included in this fabulous and very useful list. Thanks!

29 08 2011

thanks for including change your life, ride a bike! those who want to follow CYLRAB on twitter can follow me, @calitexican if they want updates.

30 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Thanks for the note. You’re twitter account is private so I’ll pass this time. Do you mind me asking why private? or maybe you should get another one which match your blog name. Thx.

31 08 2011

yah, was more because i have a legal background, but nothing sketchy is going on in that account, so i’m thinking of making it public. we have thought about the latter, but we thought it would be more of an automated account (aka boring). i find i like the ones that are a little more personable, and that would just be me being calitexican on twitter.

thanks for the suggestions though.

30 08 2011

Wow! Thanks for including She Rides a Bike on your list. I glanced at it the other day to see if my favorite blogs had made the cut. Saw who I expected but didn’t notice my blog was included until one of my readers nudged me this evening. If you haven’t checked out Brown Girl in the Lane, I highly recommend it. Samantha is a very thoughtful writer.

30 08 2011
Yann Ropars

Thanks Karen! We have Samantha’s blog in our master list She could use a match between her blog name and URL i.e. blog title

30 08 2011
Lisbon Cycle Chic » Celebração do movimento Cycle Chic – a “maioridade”

[…] da bicicleta como meio de transporte. Na semana passada, a agência Extanz publicou a lista dos 50 blogues de bicicletas mais influentes do mundo. Para além de o Copenhagen Cycle Chic encabeçar a lista (em 2010 estava em 9º lugar), eles […]

1 09 2011
Tim Bland

Just to throw my hat into the mix – please add Daily Cycle to your lovely list 🙂

1 09 2011
Yann Ropars

Thanks Tim, I had missed yours. I appreciate.

1 09 2011
Friday Fun linkpile : Cycling in Wellington

[…] has the 2011 Top 50 Most Influential Cycling Bloggers: Celebrating the ‘Cycle Chic’ Movement. CiW favourite Commute By Bike makes it to number 23, despite the editor’s efforts to […]

1 09 2011
Chic to me | Bike Commuters

[…] by Max Banner Ads The folks at recently posted their 50 most influential bike blogs list and we at are happy to […]

2 09 2011

How could you of canned Best blog on the net, without doubt.

7 09 2011
Yann Ropars

Not canned. It was 49th last year. It’s probably right there and very influential too.

3 09 2011

Hey, I’ve just seen my blog from Perth, Australia, recommended on an old thread. I’m totally blown away as the blog is definitely the new kid on the block as it’s only been running for a few months!

Thank you!
PS I love Situp Cycle too. Mike Rubbo rocks.

3 09 2011
Cycling For Beginners

Hello Yann, just wanted to ask that you include my blog,Cycling For Beginners, in your master list. With over 700 Twitter followers and over 1,200 Facebook fans, we’ve been gaining momentum.


7 09 2011
Yann Ropars

Thanks a lot Rob, I just checked and we have it. Keep up the good work!

4 09 2011
Raymond Parker

Thanks for this. Interesting rankings.

I’ve been awed at the number of cycling sites springing up. I launched VeloWeb 6 years ago, but only added a blog last year, then changed the whole thing over to “Web 2” in April.

Is there a link to the “Master List?”

24 08 2012
Cycling tours Australia

Did you ever done Cycling tour in Australia. I have list of the adventures tours & trip.

5 10 2012
montain biking

Fantastic blog! Do you have any tips and hints for aspiring writers?
I’m hoping to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or
go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m totally confused .. Any recommendations? Thanks a lot!

6 11 2012

So happy Dottie’s Let’s Go Ride A Bike made the list to represent Chicago. She and her partner Trisha do an awesome job. She’s our go-to person here for fashion questions. We also have a local social network here in Chicago that I run called The Chainlink – @thechainlinkorg I know I just stumbled upon this over a year late, but if you get a chance check us out and join when you are in town!

6 01 2013

That’s quite the list. You can follow some of them at

25 01 2013
Ian Marshall

What about a list of top Bicycle brands and their influence.

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