FlipBoard: Just a tipping point or a real game changer?

22 07 2010

The writing is on the wall…We’re moving closer to Social what? and we took a huge step yesterday with the release of FlipBoard, as part of the iPad store. A few years ago, given new powers, we flocked to new media. Clay Shirky called it the “largest increase in expressive capability in human history“.

Content production has soared to levels never reached before and ever since, we’ve been trying to find ways to sift through and find relevant content. This week, the iPad which almost outsold Mac sales during the last quarter, was equipped with what Scoble calls the first iPad “killer app”. FlipBoard, as an online powerful mechanism to deliver us relevant information, promises to transform our social networks experience (imagine a onion). We could throw Google search, Bing, and Twitter search out of the window as technology progressively makes our extended networks smarter and less noisy (i hope they remove the unnecessary FourSquare updates for example)… You can view the 20mn video released for more details on how it works.

Last week I really liked a post by Mahendra Palsule describing the different ways we now have to find information. It used to be media + Google. It’s now a tad more complex. Read more here about different form of information filtering: Algorithmic, Human, Crowdsourced, Shared Sources (Meta), Influence, Social Search. Even if Google has made massive progress and now the average number of keywords is 3 in a google search, algorithms alone can’t keep up. Our online networks can be tremendously powerful if we can organize them. Case in point: Facebook sucks big time in delivering me relevant social media information. Twitter is full of noise; even lists can be. FriendFeed (RIP) was still the best thing we had before Facebook swallowed it whole. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could combine these networks and use a better scanning and selection system for our social graph for all this information? FlipBoard promises that (even Marshall Kirkpatrick says he doesn’t want to work anymore but just flip away, and Flipboard got so successful yesterday that they servers couldn’t keep up). In summary, it promises social information and filtering at a whole new level.

Business/enterprise consequences? If you’re not in your constituents’ stream, GET IN it or GET IGNORED. Your cost of marketing will only rise as less and less people pay attention (ask print media if they are feeling it). In a world of information overload, brands are being asked to become increasingly experiential and less transactional. It starts by serving the brand’s constituency with relevant information. So get out there and start shaking hands/making friends!

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