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4 05 2010
SEM Freak

Great case study of a biggish brand – one that has had a lot of flak over the years, probably as a result of not paying the relevant attention to reputation management.

Their stance from Toddler milk to this indicates an organisation more used to communicating with itself that the outside world – maybe reflected in their emphasis on trying to control the communications.

As an aside, I know nothing about chocolate but isn’t it made from Cocoa – a product that originates from the Americas?

5 05 2010

Hm, I’ll have to think about how this would compare to Nestle’s internal communication. That’s an interesting thought I haven’t explored yet. If their internal communication is also tightly controlled, it’s no wonder that whomever was responding as “Nestle” on their facebook page seemed totally thrown out of their element.

While my love for chocolate is deep, my knowledge of the process is a bit sketchy. My understanding is that while cocoa is the main ingredient, palm oil is used as a thickening agent.

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