Social media marketing is dead, long live Resonance Marketing!

23 04 2010

The last two weeks have seen the social world tip toward what the future holds. The following demonstrate to me that platforms are finally catching up with trying to solve the noise problem by moving to facilitate the resonance.  In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate at larger amplitude at some frequencies than at others (wikipedia). When something has quality or viral value, it has a larger potential for resonance marketing and to rise above the noise.

Facebook finally exporting ‘social code’ into everyone’s website (read more here) with their announcement of the Open Graph protocol. Jeremiah Owyang had predicted the website would become a portal between companies and customers. But brands are obviously not moving fast enough so Facebook is now allowing dead simple codes to transport the conversation from Facebook to those websites. It’s also opening up search as a default to scan conversations across the Facebook platform. On a similar note, Twitter had announced @anywhere which is now live at SXSW Interactive.

Tumblr CEO: “We’re pretty much opposed to advertising” is also consquential as this is not the first time social platforms have refused to fall into the advertising trap. Posterous and Facebook have all held back from release ad features and focusing user adoption.

WordPress ships 3.0, the multi-user version of its blogging platform, enabling anyone anywhere to build new media empires.

Twitter announced ‘sponsored tweets‘ — adopted already by Best Buy, Bravo, Red Bull, Sony Pictures, Starbucks, and Virgin America. These tweets will nevertheless have be relevant or will be taken down if they don’t resonate (Resonance being defined here as retweets, @replies, #tag clicks, avatar clicks, links clicks, views after RT).

In other interesting news, was released earlier this week showing once more that “Sharing” has to be embraced by brands (personal and business branding). On another note, we see scarcity marketing taking a larger ever presence in communication strategies. The last to date was the loss of a non-released iPhone 4.0 followed by Dell’s newest phone leak

So what’s the difference between social media marketing and resonance marketing? I believe there is a lot….

Resonance Marketing Social Media Marketing… traps
The core matters the most. Building trust and symbiotic relationships with brand advocates supersedes all other forms of marketing. The tribe will move mountains, not the followers. It’s a numbers game; the more the merrier. This brings dilution, not results. ‘Buying’ your presence is becoming all too common.
Content quality & shareability takes strategic brains and indefinite trials + passion. The brand tweet, face-tweet; therefore I am an expert.
The brand is a servant of its community, it learns to move in an open-social world. Self pimping becomes a major part of the brand’s social activity.
It’s real time, 24 hours a day and global. Professionalisation of community management is a necessity. Brand’s automation low added value content, RT-land and #FF-buddying
Like a river, it sources itself across the entire spectrum of the digital & social footprint. Influencers can move. Facebook and Twitter are the only places where influence takes place. (NOT)

All in all, the social ecosystem is becoming smarter and responding to user demand.  All social platforms know that user fatigue is looming … brand or friends and noisy followers may just be too boring and resonance is the only way out to make everyone behave.

Will resonance will save us from the noise? Is resonance marking the departure from social media cowboy?

What d’ya all think?

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7 responses

23 04 2010
Tommy Landry

This is a very insightful article, and one that is of utmost importance. Many of us, myself included, have battled information overload for a while now. Through natural evolution, I’ve found that my social network has become exactly what you describe here. On Twitter, I’m trying to whittle down to those who matter most after nearly becoming the beast you describe in the righthand column. Fortunately, I always kept Facebook under control, and it’s much more “resonance” based than Twitter.

This is good stuff that I hope inspires a new perspective on social media in general. They aren’t “media” in the traditional Baby Boomer sense, so we should remove the word and call them something else. Sure, they are communications mediums, but the term media insinuates push messaging without participation.

23 04 2010
Yann Ropars

Hey Tommy, yes info overload is a real problem, increasing context and filtering is the only way out, isn’t it? I think that with the help of platforms we have a better chance to keep things in context. I like your thought on declassifying them from ‘media’. Noise may be a form of media if the recipient actually cares which is rarely the case when dealing with large numbers or anything above the Dumbar number.

24 04 2010

Nice post Yann. I was out walking today and was reflecting that I have started to fall into some of the traps on the right side of your chart. And you are right – It’s going to come back to quality and not quantity. As it should. Thanks for the reminder.

27 04 2010
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11 05 2010
RM - InBoundmarketingpr

Excellent article that really speaks of the importance of building tribes for your brand… I love the word “resonance”; it’s implications are more interrelated…

Great post..

14 07 2010
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