25% growth: Social Networking Explodes Worldwide

12 08 2008

With Facebook and Hi5 leading the growth, social networking is going strong – Comscore just released so very interesting data regarding social networking growth: “while the growth in new users in North America is beginning to level off, it is burgeoning in other regions around the world. During the past year, the total North American audience of social networkers has grown 9 percent compared to a much larger 25 percent growth for the world at large. The Middle East-Africa region (up 66 percent), Europe (up 35 percent), and Latin America (up 33 percent) have each grown at well-above average rates.”

While the total internet audience grew by 11%, the social networking traffic grew by 25%!

More here

Comscore June 07 08 Comparison

Comscore June 07' 08' Comparison

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