Cool toys of the week!

1 08 2008

I keep trying stuff – It’s freaking TOY-LAND out there – I guess anyone involved in the Web 2.0+ and Social Media space is spending several hours a day reading and trying stuff out. Web 2.0 is a bit like Pandora’s box…or Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates –> you never know what you’re going to get!

I tried this week to track your online popularity. Nice tool. I haven’t figured out if this is very useful but in principle this is going to provide a single place to “ping yourself back” with any social media activity. This is another mirror 🙂

I also played with SPROUT that can give anyone a well built flash product without being a flash-geek – I LOVE that…:)

Now here’s something I dreamed about few years ago… ‘et voila’…it’s here! BRICKFISH did it! It’s simply too cool… create a place to have a bunch of people submit their creativity for campaign sponsored by big marketing brands like Nexus, Headblade and so on and watch them go to work!

I have tried to contact them to see how they work with third party companies (e.g. pricing) who want to use their services but they haven’t responded- I’m probably not on their lead list … or they don’t talk to strangers 🙂

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