Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

7 07 2008

How do you think Snow White’s Queen could have used Social Media to gauge her popularity?

Snow White’s Queen may certainly have tried to suppress her competition – fair enough – sounds like a good tactic to me. Common practice, you could say, with the Microsoft-Yahoo deal just another modern example.

But there are other, nonviolent ways to measure your brand popularity these days. Google News Alert is probably the easiest way, but if you want something more elaborate, there is FiltrBox. For those with healthier economic means, Collective Intellect or Networked Insights can really help too. So the big question becomes – how to positively influence all those participants in the social media democracy??

The Social Media Sphere is like the Queen’s mirror. Really. It tells the truth. If someone doesn’t like what you are doing, social media will reflect that back to you. The opposite also holds true – if they love you, the upward wave will carry you along itself.

Social Media Mirror - Bring marketing activities above water will benefit you

Social Media marketing is really about looking at all your offline, traditional media activities as “underwater activities”. You need to look at which ones are the most likely to float to the top and into the larger Social Media Sphere (above the water). It’s a lot more fluid and random there in terms of message and audience. Are you sponsoring a football game? Donating to charity? Launching via the college crowd? And how best to reach your audience for all these events?

Things to take away:

– Every activity in your value chain may have potential in the Social Media Sphere. People want to know more about you and your brand than ever before. Be ready to shoot videos of your manufacturing process, how you build your homes and why doing business with you is a good thing. People care, give’m what they want!

– The conversation is happening anyway, monitor it, engage and create social media marketing programs that will tackle head-on the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s beautiful to be able to engage… before a brand was blind to upwards and downward trends.

– Engage beyond yourself. Your marketing department or PR agency can do only so much. Your customers can do a lot more.

– Ask the question…..Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?




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