To Twit or Not to Twit….

3 07 2008

It’s easy to be inundated by social media….as one radio commercial suggests about HD radios, sometimes you feel like you’re in a zombie movie, you know the one where you still can’t out run them even though they have no legs. If you’re old enough, you’ve probably flashed back to Michael Jackson’s Thriller video…yeah, you get the picture. ….everywhere you go, on any given day, someone else has come up with a new social media tool.

One recent entrant to my daily life is Twitter. I first noticed it on a blog about a year ago where someone was using twitter during a conference in Europe, and basically as they toured the city where the conference was held, would report their whereabouts on Twitter. How absurd, I thought! Why would you want everyone to know where you are and what you are doing every single moment of the day? Still, I was curious and Twitter really makes very good use of the ‘curious george’ moments we all experience = oh, I wonder what so and so is doing right now? Why call them and waste a good 10 minutes on the old phone and email? Apart from the fact these devices could sometimes be considered ‘low tech’ when up against their web 2.0 younger and let’s face it, more hip siblings, who has that kind of time these days??? 🙂

So what to do? You get on twitter and you go hunting for said friend, you add them to your list of ‘twits’ (pardon the irony) and you too can enter the world of the micro blog and short stumpy sentences giving everyone who wants to know the lowdown on you at that very minute. Yep, Twitter answers that well known question ‘what are you doing?’ or perhaps most importantly, ‘what is (fill in the blank) doing?

Now those of us who are late adopters might fear an invasion of privacy. Not to worry, you can organize Twitter to make sure you are not interrupted. Maybe you’re afraid of folks stalking you on Twitter. Twitter has that covered too, you can chase them right back! (nice marketing tool by the way)….As the folks at put it ‘real life happens in between blog posts’. It sure does. So check it out, catch up on the VIPs in your life and their lives and form your own opinion…




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